What life lessons do we learn through our interactions with others? Through direct or indirect observation? What if we journalled all our thoughts or let them spill out in a continuous stream of consciousness?

Phishing for advice on online safety

Online scams continue to proliferate the Internet. Scammers will try several tactics, including phishing attempts, to try to steal people’s identities to perpetrate fraud. Here’s how I scammed the scammers in 10 slides.

Challenging phobias: a personal journey to LGBTQ+ allyship

Author’s note: The following was originally posted to Facebook June 5, 2019, during Pride Month. It contains language, and references to assault and inappropriate sexual touching, some readers may find triggering or offensive. I’ve been wrestling for a while with whether to post this, but here goes. Before I get to it, I would like…

When jokes are no longer sexy.

Author’s advisory: The following post contains references to child sexual abuse, sexual interference involving a minor, sexual assault and stalking—subjects some readers may find triggering or upsetting. Social media allows people to connect with others. In my experience, this often allows for the free exchange of ideas, discussion of topics of mutual interest, the opportunity…


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